Birthday Parties

Let Pickled Palette do all the work of providing the entertainment for birthday parties and other private events!

We will help you set up, assist the children while they paint and create, and even clean up when finished! The birthday child also gets to place his/her hand on our Birthday Wall of Fame and receives a special birthday gift from Pickled Palette. Pieces are ready for pick up by the party host one week later.

Project Options

•  All ages
•  1.5 hr party time
•  Minimum of 8 artists
•  Birthday child and friends may choose item(s) to paint prior to event or the day of
•  Varied pricing $15 and up per painter

•  Ages 6+
•  2 hr party time
•  Minimum of 10 artists
•  11x17" instructed canvas class
•  $25 per artist
•  Custom theme designs are available for additional $20 flat fee

•  Ages 8+
•  1.5 hr party time
•  Minimum of 8 artists
•  6x6" glass sun-catcher
•  $20 per artist
•  Food and drink allowed only when all projects are complete

•  Ages 6+
•  1.5 hr party time
•  Minimum of 8 artists
•  guests will each create 2 containers of slime
•  $18 per artist
•  Birthday child receives special charm for their slime

What's Included?

•  Cake, snacks, drinks and gifts are welcomed
•  Additional small table available for food/drink setup
•  Continuous staff assistance for refilling paints, gathering tools and general questions
•  $50 non-refundable deposit (applied to your total the day of)
Because of limited space, we ask that non-painting attendees are limited to 5 people. 

Scheduling Times

Weekdays - Anytime
Saturday - 10:30am, 1pm, 3pm
Sunday - 1pm, 3pm

Contact us today to check for available dates and times 712.224.2757